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We help socially conscious leaders craft businesses that thrive in the digital world. We’ve got your back with cutting-edge content, growth and management techniques.



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Common inquiries

  • We're about to launch and we need a plan.

  • We have a campaign that we're trying to reach millions of people with.

  • We need help understanding the world of digital distribution.

  • We need to build a whip-smart digital team.

  • We’d like to be more inclusive in our approach to hiring and management.

  • Our team is remote and we’d like to grow it without losing efficiency.

  • We need a plan for monetization or to increase our online sales or circulation but don’t know where to start.

  • Our traffic has been mysteriously slipping and we can't figure out why.

  • We want our team to use data in how they make decisions.

  • We want to increase the efficiency of our team’s output without spending more.

  • We need to produce a large-scale digital property and we're overwhelmed.


Case Studies

DCBID owns one of LA’s most coveted URLs. Although millions of people were visiting their site and its platforms each year, DCBID felt like more could be done to capture the imagination of true champions of Downtown LA’s growth.  

Finally conducted an extensive audit of’s analytics, technical implementation, UX, search optimization, social properties and editorial strategy. We found several big, surprising ways to reorient the team’s marketing budget and time, as well as convert first-time visitors into lasting partners. The audit also revealed a huge high-value conversion opportunity on a platform that DTLA hadn’t previously considered. The results helped determine the organization’s marketing strategy for 2018.

Participant Media’s 75 feature and documentary films have collectively earned 52 Academy Award® nominations for the biggest social issues of our time. But a dramatic reduction in editorial output and Facebook’s 2017 algorithm change left their millions of fans aimless online and social traffic turning stagnant.  

Finally worked with Participant to devise and implement a primarily organic social strategy for five of their most popular brands across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our social specialist, an Emmy-award-winning journalist, refined the voice for each of their brands and build customized editorial calendars for each platform. 

As audience stats for brands across Facebook fell 20%, pages under Finally’s management grew new video release views 2500%, engagement 300%, reach 100% and followers 10%. We did all this without significant investment in paid ads.  


As mitú began to grow in popularity with videos that entertain and empower young Latinx, its leaders faced a quandary. Their editorial staff was hilarious and smart. How could they get them to think more about experimentation algorithmic opportunities in addition to spitballing great ideas?  

Finally jumped in to help kick off a new way of working. After an in-person training session on algorithmic best practices and a/b testing, we helped the team structure their data feedback loop so that creators could learn what worked, faster.  

We followed up with five weeks of one-on-one editing work with content creators to sharpen their content packages. After incorporating data into their creative process, mitú has continued to see an upward return on traffic more than two years later.

When one of the longest-running makeup-focused blog brands online decided to actively promote more socially progressive notions of beauty, they turned to Finally for a plan. We identified what platforms their time and money would be best for their new style of content and and helped them implement technical changes to their site be found more easily. 

All this was in preparation for powerful content creation: Together, we developed editorial and style guides to talk about beauty in a smarter, shareable way, and built systems and social templates to support woke, algorithmically friendly work. Lastly, we helped recruit permanent team members to support the site’s new focus with new skills.